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MAR is proud of its tradition of featuring the work of established artists but also prides itself on publication of new and up-and-coming writers. Lastly, MAR is dedicated to introducing non-English speaking voices to our audience through our translation chapbook series.

Please feel free to contact Mid-American Review with any questions you may have--just click on the editor's name below to send them an e-mail. Note that MAR does not at this time accept submissions via e-mail, and any editor receiving them will politely reply without reading your work.

Withdrawals: If you wish to withdrawal an entire submission, please use the MAR Submission Manger. If you wish to withdrawal a part of your submission or a paper submission, please email us.

For questions involving fiction, contact Jason Marc Harris, Fiction Editor.

For questions about poetry, contact Abigail Cloud, Poetry Editor.

For questions involving nonfiction, contact Karen Craigo, Nonfiction Editor.

For questions involving reviews, contact Abigail Cloud, Reviews Editor.

For all translation-related queries, contact George Looney, Translation Editor.

For questions about our Winter Wheat Festival of Writing, contact Abigail Cloud.

For questions about links or exchange ads, contact Katrin Tschirgi.

For questions about the website or to report a problem, please contact Suzanne Hodsden.

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