Welcome to Ignite - a Christian Student Organization!

The mission of this organization is to share the light and love of Christ with the BGSU community through discipleship, fellowship and a community-based faith. We strive to learn more and grow in our faith through small group meetings and bible studies.

We are made up of students from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and traditions. We seek to be in fellowship with all persons, no matter their spiritual backgrounds or journeys.

Ignite has five areas of concentration as we minister to individuals and the campus community:

  • Small Groups
  •    Bible studies and retreats that we offer throughout the year.
  •    A large-group worship time full of discussion and support.
  • Social Activities
  •    Activities in the past include: bowling, movie night, game night, etc..
  • Mission and Service
  •    We have been to Chicago, Henderson Settlement in Kentucky, Bahamas Methodist Habitat, and    locally we have done a monthly pancake giveaway, Rake N' Run, and some spring cleaning.
  • Local Church Connection
  •    A lot of our members volunteer at various church events and functions and during the spring    semester we take over the various church services and actually do the service for the various    congregations.

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